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History of CC4Africa

In the mid-2000s, Chrissie Chapman, who founded Children Rescued in Burundi, spoke about her project to various communities in Canada. She was taking care of around 50 children who were orphaned by the conflicts! At one of these stops, Margaret Stewart became impassioned by the plea. By the end of 2005, she had convinced her long-time friend, Teresa Corbould to go to Burundi with her. In January 2006, co-founders Teresa Corbould and Margaret Stewart from Bella Coola, British Columbia, visited Burundi, its back-country and the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Dec 2006 - Refugee Camp - 2.jpg

They fell in love with the children, local partners and work that needed to be done and quickly came together to form the Bella Coola 2 Africa Hope Society. Fundraising initiatives ranged from backyard barbecues and auctions to the sale of homemade products to an ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro. Through the power of local and international partnerships as well as a loyal following across Canada, England, Scotland, Italy and the United States, CC4Africa raised over $400,000 CAD in its first 15 years of existence. The progress that has been made in our projects has impacted thousands of lives in central Africa.

Who We Are: About

Honorary Patron:
Lady Selkirk of Douglas

In 2007, Lady Selkirk of Douglas (Lady Susan Douglas-Hamilton), agreed to act as Honorary Patron. Lady Susan is the granddaughter of Sir John Buchan, (AKA Lord Tweedsmuir), who was the Governor General of Canada from 1935-1940. He had a close association with the Bella Coola area, where our founders lived for many years, so much so that the nearby Provincial Park is named after him. Both the Tweedsmuir and Selkirk families have contributed to improving lives in both Canada and Africa, making the Lady Selkirk of Douglas a natural fit. She accompanied then-BC2Africa members to visit the projects in 2009. 

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Honorary Patron:
Charles Douglas-Hamilton

In 2021, Charles Douglas-Hamilton agreed to become an Honorary Patron. In 2009, he accompanied Lady Selkirk and our Co-Founders to view our projects. Since then, he has worked in more than 20 countries across Africa for different companies in the mining sector and for the World Bank. He currently consults for the World Bank in their Energy and Extractives Global Practice and has been working on the an Emergency Response for artisanal and small-scale mining communities impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. With his experience of operating in Africa and a solid work ethic to build institutional capacities and integrity, CC4Africa is pleased to have Charles on board to exemplify our values as Honorary Patron.

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