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Rutemba Water Well and Distribution System

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The original site for the well, which has since been developed into farming land and a site for hundreds of people to access clean water.

The Najenga Congo Training Centre Project is near Rutemba, a village of about 100 families (800 people) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Their only source of water within 5kms is a small, unclean creek that is shared with 2-3 other villages. CC4Africa learned about the need from Canadians Ray and Mary Ann Bale, who lived in Central Africa for over 10 years. They have been working with CC4Africa since its inception and have done tremendous work at both the New Hope Centre and the Emmanuel Centre.

This well project will allow the village and training centre to access clean water using a main drill site (solar pumps), storage tank and 2-3 water stations for the nearby villages. The well also supports the training centre, which aims to teach new agricultural, medical and health practices while providing a daycare/nursery to reduce barriers to education.

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CC4Africa Board Members raised $12,000 CAD by trekking the 280km Portuguese Coastal Way from Porto to Santiago de Compostela in Spain as part of the El Camino. This went towards starting the process of building a water well in Rutemba, DRC.

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Rutemba and the Training Centre have fresh water and the drilling company will be drilling additional depth to increase volume by the end of 2020 (no additional cost). This project allows hundreds of families and an educational facility to have sustainable, fresh water.

A great success!

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CC4Africa disbursed around $13,000 CAD for the survey and establishment of the well. The well head has been completed and capped. Our partners are waiting for the installation of a solar pump, water lines and cement pads (for the holding tanks/distribution sites), which should be installed by the end of February 2019--though getting the drill on site is difficult due to crossing the Burundi/DRC border and the geography of the area. CC4Africa continues to monitor progress and ensure that the funds are used appropriately.

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