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Rohero Clinic

Since the Gitega Health Centre is now complete and self-sustaining, CC4Africa turned its attention to the Rohero Clinic in a suburb of Bujumbura. The clinic currently has a doctor that comes in 5 days a week along with other supporting staff. At this clinic, they have 2 operating rooms with equipment for anesthesiology, serology, CT scans, heart monitoring and xrays. However, the x-ray machine is currently broken and would cost $15,000 USD to replace and much of the other equipment is outdated. In addition, they needed a recovery room to move patients into after their operations. This created a backlog of patients needing to recover and get operations using the same space.

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CC4Africa built and furnished surgical recovery rooms, which opened up operating tables for new patients.

Rohero Recovery Spaces 2018 - 2.jpg


Co-Founder Teresa Corbould visited the recovery room, which was being used as per the funds donated. The funds were well spent and our local partners are stretching the available dollars as much as possible. ARM Burundi purchased a delivery table and is acquiring additional equipment for the recovery room. Until the additional equipment arrives, the room will be used as a maternity ward.

Rohero Kitchen 2018.jpg

In the End

The Rohero Clinic has become self-sufficient thanks to government support and reasonable patient fees. They are currently focusing on purchasing medical equipment and building an administrative space, but additional CC4Africa support is not required at this time.

Rohero Recovery Spaces 2018 - 1.jpg


Recovery room was completed and helped to expand the services that the clinic could provide.

Rohero 2018 1.jpg


CC4Africa purchased a washing machine for the clinic to wash the medically-used sheets. Previously, it would take three women all day to wash, dry and press the sheets!

Rohero 2018 - 2.jpg
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