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New Hope
Centre and School

As a result of the conflict between the Hutus and Tutsis in Burundi, the Gatumba refugee camp was established by the UNHCR on the border between Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). On August 12, 2004, there was a brutal massacre of 160 women and children at the Gatumba refugee camp. 

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The caregivers that make the New Hope Centre possible, teaching valuable lessons, feeding and raising children coming from unimaginable situations.

On this day, 42 children lost their entire families. Many were physically wounded themselves, notwithstanding the effects of unspeakable traumas. A local pastor named Ruben Kinyama gathered and housed these children in his home until a proper facility was started three months later. This facility, known as the New Hope Centre in Nyakabiga (a suburb of Bujumbura), became the new home for these children. 

More children from refugee camps from the DRC and Burundi continue to arrive. CC4Africa’s goal is to find sponsors for the children. Sponsorship acts as the only source of income to provide food and supplies for the entire group. Funds raised through sponsorships have helped pay for medical and school expenses to increase future opportunities for the children. 

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With funds from the Mount Kilimanjaro climb, CC4Africa focused on improving infrastructure, education and micro-enterprise. The bulk of the funds went towards a new building that allowed the children to spread out. CC4Africa purchased sewing machines, irons, tables and materials required for a ladies’ sewing project. This micro-enterprise produces income as well as clothing for the children. In addition, CC4Africa took an active role in helping find sponsorships for the children.

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CC4Africa fully funded the school’s operation in 2011 and 2012 with the help of a single fundraiser, $5,600 raised by a barbecue in Kimberley, BC.

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The remaining refugee children at New Hope were moved to Rwanda for safety due to the increasing unrest around the neighbourhood of the Centre. They are still attending school in English. CC4Africa provided some of the postsecondary-aged children financial support for education as well.

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CC4Africa helped start a small school at New Hope Centre. The teachers provide education in English and counseling in a family environment to help offset past traumas.

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The children learned English at the New Hope School and are now continuing their education at the private King School in Bujumbura at no cost thanks to an understanding with the school. CC4Africa continues to raise funds for school uniforms, supplies, shoes and regular clothing. The children who speak more of the local languages of French and Kirundi all attend local Burundian schools.


In the End

Over time, the children grew up and have been able to attend university, trade school and find employment activities. More updates on the New Hope Centre can be found at the blog of our partners, Pastor Ray Bale and his partner, Mary Ann Bale.

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