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How You Can Help

Sponsor a Child

For as low as $35 a month to help with food, clothing, school and more!

Annual or One-Time Donation

Donate to the current cause of your choice. You will receive a tax receipt!

Support a Fundraiser

Check out our Facebook page for current fundraising initiatives or contact a board member to find out how to help!

Sponsor a Teacher

For $90 a month, you can sponsor the salaries of a teacher at the Emmanuel Centre in the DRC.

Sponsor a Student

CC4Africa will seek private donors to sponsor students as the need arises ($1,000 - $2,000 USD per year).

Why CC4Africa?

Low Administration Fees

Since we are 100% volunteer-run, we pay very low administrative costs compared to many charities (only 4-6% annually).

Dollar for Dollar

CC4Africa fundraises for those low administrative fees separately, which means EVERY DOLLAR you donate goes to the cause of YOUR CHOOSING.

Across Canada and Beyond

We have fundraising initiatives across 4 separate provinces, and some friends internationally, which allows use to truly embrace the Canadian spirit of giving.

Local Partners

Our partnerships on the ground help make sure that our projects help the intended cause and do no harm.

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