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How to Donate

Charity Registration Number: 83328 8566 RR0001

Contact Dave Corbould, Treasurer at:

*This email accepts E-Transfers for your convenience!


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Note: We are currently looking into how to implement online donations for your convenience, while ensuring our administrative fees remain as low as possible. Coming soon!

Where Would Your Donation Go?


If you can't decide, no worries!

Unspecified donations will go to General Fund and be allocated to support wherever is needed.



Funds pay for school fees and supplies, medical supplies, uniforms, clothes, meals and activities.

Child sponsorships ($35/month and up)


Teacher sponsorships ($90/month)

Contact Dave Corbould to set up your sponsorship

Emmanuel Center and land including  scho
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Raised funds help them pay for necessities such as food, clothing, school supplies, rent and/or electricity due to not being able to work while seeking UN Refugee Status.

Please Note: Due to frequent movement and aging of the children, changing caregivers and an effort to keep administrative costs as low as possible, the sponsorship donations go towards sustaining the entire group of children, rather than following specific children.

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