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Emmanuel Centre (DRC)

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Due to ongoing local fighting, children were often being threatened and starved. In the early 2000s, the Emmanuel Centre was established in the Marungu region of the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), located in a valley on the high plateau at 8,500 feet above sea level. It provides refuge, education and opportunity for these children. The property has 5 buildings that have been constructed so far, which includes homes, a school for children, a sewing training centre and a maize flour mill.

CC4Africa supports up to 50 children at the Emmanuel Centre at any given time. The sponsorships provide food, clothing and school supplies for the children. On top of that, CC4Africa provides funds for about 10 teacher salaries. These hard working teachers provide education to over 110 children from the Emmanuel Centre, the Marungu village and its surrounding area.

Over time, this project aims to construct a school and medical facility while also continuing to provide the basic needs of food and shelter.

Children assist with unpacking supplies from the truck, and get rewarded with a toy donation!


As one of CC4Africa’s original flagship programs, we helped construct a sewing training centre with supplies. This acted as the start-up funds for a micro-enterprise where women learned to sew clothing and other amenities, which were sold or able to be given to their families. CC4Africa also arranged sponsorships for the orphans at the Emmanuel Centre, which continues to this day.

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CC4Africa pays the salaries for 10 teachers again, through the Emmanuel Centre staff are requesting to add 4 more teachers so they can have the capacity to teach higher grades. The number of children remains about the same as in years past, though the sponsorships remain below the required amount to support all of the children. CC4Africa is topping up the donations contingent on available funds.

A lot of the children were able to attend university when they get through secondary school. When they indicate the desire, CC4Africa looks for the individual sponsors to support their education. Thankfully, the war is not threatening the Murungu community as of 2018.

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CC4Africa continues to support up to 50 children through sponsorships. 2 of the 10 teachers left, which increased the workload on the remaining teachers. CC4Africa continues to support both the children and teachers by seeking and facilitating new sponsors.



A new law in the DRC raised the minimum payment for teachers to be about $90 CAD per teacher per month. As such, the board is seeking additional teacher sponsorships to be able to support more of them. Visit here for more updates on the Emmanuel Centre children.

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